Dress Rules and Mobile Phones

Standard of Dress


The Leicestershire Golf Club seeks to provide a relaxed and sociable ambience in which golf can be played and enjoyed. This dress code has been designed to achieve that aim and is reliant upon the discretion of everyone, members & visitors, to make it work.


Members and Visitors are required to conform to the Club’s Dress Code which maintains a high standard of smart conventional golf and casual clothes. Should your dress, or that of your guest(s), be considered inappropriate our staff have been instructed to discreetly bring it to your attention.


Golf Course and Practice Area

• Recognised smart conventional golfing attire.

• Gentlemen may wear tailored shorts (cut above the knee), Socks must be worn with shorts, which, if long must be of a single plain colour. Short socks must be above ankle height and predominantly white in colour, although a single solid colour is also acceptable.

• Collarless shirts designed specifically for golf may be worn


The following items of clothing are NOT acceptable

  • Denim Wear
  • Cargo Pants (trousers or shorts with pockets on the legs)
  • Track Suits, Jogging Suits and variants of these
  • Collarless Tee Shirts
  • Shirts outside trousers are not to be worn on the course
  • Caps should not be worn the wrong way round (i.e. the peak at the back)
  • Trainer liner socks with shorts.

Changing shoes and clothes on the Car Park or Practice Area is not permitted (Always use the Locker Rooms)


Lounge Bar Area

• Smart Casual

• Shirts outside trousers are not permitted.

• A change of clothes, from those having played golf in, is preferred. However, there is no objection to golf clothes being worn providing they are not dirty or wet.

• No golf shoes or headgear are allowed but shoes and socks must be worn.

• The wearing of outdoor clothing is not permitted.


Dining Room

• Smart Casual

• Shirts outside trousers are not permitted.

• The Captain or Lady Captain may occasionally relax the Dress Code at their discretion.

• The Dress Code for a particular function may be stipulated.



• Training Shoes and Open Sandals/Shoes are not permitted

• Shoes worn without socks or flip flops are not permitted


The above rules apply to all members, junior players and visitors. However, where Ladies conventional golf clothing differs, then this is acceptable providing the Ladies Committee have agreed such variations.


Mobile Phones


Mobile phoned in silent mode are permitted in the clubhouse and free Wi-Fi access is available. The designated areas for conversations on mobile phones are restricted to the locker rooms downstairs, the landing area upstairs, the professional’s shop and in the car park. Thus conversations on mobile phones are not permitted on the patio, the putting green and near the 9th and 18th greens.


Please ensure your mobile phone is switched to silent at all times.

STAFF may discreetly use their mobile phones providing it is in the course of their operational duties.

Anyone failing to conform to the above may be asked to leave the Clubhouse or Course.