Repairing Pitch Marks

1. Use a ballmark repair tool ( available from the pro shop ) whenever possible.

2. Insert the repair tool at the edge of the pitch mark. Do NOT insert the tool within the depression itself.

3. Push the tool forward from the edge of the pitch mark toward the centre. Do this around the edges of the indentation.

4. Do NOT insert the tool under the indented area and push up - a common mistake. Think of it as pushing turf in from the edges toward the centre.

5. Tap down the repaired area with your putter so that the surface is even.



1. If your pitch mark has actually displaced a piece of turf, do not replace it. Just work around the edges with your repair tool as normal. Any replaced turf will simply die, delaying the healing process.

2. Pushing the tines of your repair tool under the indented area and pushing up only damages the root system.

3. You should not only always repair your pitch marks, but, time permitting, you should repair any other ball marks you see, too.

Link to a very helpful Short Video Clip on Reparing Pitch Marks. 

You may notice in the video clip that a tee peg is being used for the repair, which is a useful alternative if for some reason you haven't got your pitch mark tool with you.