Captain/ Professional Challenge - Saturday 28th October 2017

The Captain/Pro Challenge completed the October programme with Captain Francis Lobo and head professional Tim Stevens joined by Junior Captain Ben Ridgway and Mike Bucktin.

The undoubted star of the team was Ben who used his excellent short game to put nett birdie after nett birdie on the card. Coupled with Tim’s prodigious driving – some drives reaching places some members would be happy to reach in two shots – the team played their way to 67 points (par for the TLGC “Bramble” devised by Francis being 60 points). A total of 25 teams were playing to beat the Captain/Professional's score and 10 teams managed it with the team of Nathan Tutt, Andy Kirk, Jamie Nelson and Rob Smith leading the way on 73 points. They join Francis and Tim as guests at an upcoming Leicester Tigers match.

The teams who beat the Captain/Professional score are:

N. Tutt / A. Kirk / J. Nelson / R. Smith 73 Points
M. Alli / M. Contractor / D. Osman / E. Pathan 72 Points
A. Martinez / J. Birkenshaw / J. Petha / W. Ridgway 72 Points
T. Green / R. Power / P. Sell / M. Dakri 70 Points
S. Nickson / S. Bridgwater / M. Northover / G. Rudkin 69 Points
D. O'Brien / N. Mason / I. Ferguson / I. Dunk 69 Points
P. Burdett / U. Pankhania / I. Bliss / R. Orme 68 Points
G. Smith / I. Hedley / R. Mason / R. Field 68 Points
L. Woodcock / M. Palmer / D. Saul / P. Saul 68 Points
D. Cummins / D. Taylor / G. Warwick / J. Reading 68 Points