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Oak Tree Trencher Results






1st        G Wayman, R Wayman, K Robinson, S Barkshire        80 Points

Each player receives £30 credit

2nd       M Sharpe, M Castleman, J Flint, P Teasdale                 79 Points

Each player receives £18 credit

3rd        L Woodcock, S Pollard, H Bull, D Saul                           78 Points

Each player receives £12 credit


J Petha, R Morrison, M Birkenshaw, J Birkenshaw        76 Points

N Spikings, M Burrill, M Wheelwright, B Marlow             74 Points

G Rudkin, T Farmer, T Kidger, D Norwood                     73 Points

N Scotchbrook, P Donaghy, S Esterbrook, S Gravett     72 Points

C Morley, P Burdett, R Orme, I Bliss                               70 Points

M Scarrett, M Northover, S Allbright, J Mawer                70 Points

G Smith, I Hedley, J Reading, D Burns                           68 Points

J Clarke, E Hargrave, B Hall, B Allen                              68 Points

F Lobo, D Popat, R Pattni, P Magdani                            67 Points

D Wall, B Davies, A Makani, M Jelley                              67 Points

P Fowler, J Muir, R Smith, N Dryden                               65 Points

M Asra, B Disler, P Freeston, S Wells                             64 Points

T Green, P Sell, R Power, M Newey                               63 Points

W Ridgway, J Nelson, G Daley, S Giblin                         63 Points

J Keller, A Rickett, N Mason, I Dunk                                62 Points

B Crump, B Dalal, P Nuttall, D Jones                              62 Points

R Mason, R Field, M Stevenson, D Coulson                   61 Points



G Wayman, S Barkshire, S Pollard, J Reading, R Smith, S Giblin,

Each player receives £11.50 credit per two

1890 Club Draw - May 2017

The results for the May 1890 Club Draw are:


1st Alan Turton 60 (£150)

2nd Mohamed Ahmed 111 (£100)

3rd Naren Naik 156 (£50)


Congratulations to all winners.

Coronation Cup, Tim Tyler Trophy & Corah Bowl Results

Coronation Cup (Best Gross Score) Phil Thomason 69

Tim Tyler Trophy (Best Nett Score) Jason Thorpe 64

Corah Bowl (Best Nett Score from a 2016 Medal winner) John Flint 71 (back 9)

Gentlemen's Spring Open - Friday 19th May 2017 - RESULTS

Gentleman’s Spring Open




Francis Lobo, The Leicestershire GC
Mark Gilbert, Glen Gorse                              38 points (winning on countback for the back 9)



Dean Sparrow, Kenilworth GC
Wesley Woodhead, Kenilworth GC               38 points (countback, as above)



Gerard Campbell, The Leicestershire GC
Robert Hezel, Fairhaven GC                         38 points (countback, same over back 9 so goes to 1st hole)



Shane Davies, Pavenham Park GC
Ian Smith, Coventry Park FC                         38 Points (countback, last 6 holes)


Oak Tree Trencher - Saturday 27th May 2017

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