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TLGC Newsletter - September 2020

Practice Range Safety

As part of our ongoing health & safety measures we continually record incidents to determine any patterns so that steps can be taken to reduce the potential for one of severity. Unfortunately, over recent weeks there has been a significant increase in the number of golf balls that have landed in the properties to the right of the Practice Range, on occasion causing damage to property and raising concern over the potential consequences.

In order to keep the Practice Range open for members while long term solutions are considered, the General Committee, following guidance from the Risk and Compliance Committee, has resolved to implement restrictions and additions to the safety equipment in order to mitigate, to a reasonable level, these occurrences.

With immediate effect, a revised usage policy for the range has been introduced. Many points are typical for the use of any Practice Range facility and the points highlighted are intended to ensure as many golf balls as possible stay within the range area and are as follows:

•    It is the golfer’s responsibility to not hit a shot when another person may be at risk of being struck

•    Hitting of Drivers is not permitted by those able to fly the golf ball beyond the white marker which is a distance of approximately 160 yards. Hitting of other clubs which fly beyond the white marker is still permitted

•    If you hit a golf ball and it flies over the boundary hedge to the right of the range, you must report this to the Pro shop or Club office.

•    If you hit a ball that flies towards the fairway of the first hole you must shout ‘Fore Left’

  • Only one person should be stood within a bay at any one time

•    Balls must only be hit from the designated mats

•    The golfer must be stood on the mat when hitting

•    No one must venture beyond the line of mats onto the grass area of the range

•    Swings, including practice swings and warm up exercises, must only be done within a bay

•    Mats, other range equipment and fixtures must not be moved

             Failure to follow the above would likely result in the range being closed indefinitely and so we ask all members to strictly follow the protocol and also advise others if they are not following the new rules correctly.

We recognise that this is will be frustrating however, this will keep the range open whilst the club determine the most suitable long-term solution.

Please also remember to follow the Covid Secure Procedures at all times.

We appreciate and thank you for your ongoing co-operation.

Kind regards

Simon Collingwood and Pete Livie

Winter League



Winter League Rules 2020-21


  1. Matches are to be played at the weekend (Saturday/Sunday) from Sat 21st Nov 2020 to Sun 7th Mar inclusive (=16weeks) and teams must play a minimum of 12 matches to compete for a prize. Members can only play games on days permitted by their membership category.
  2. The number of qualifying matches will be reduced by one on each occasion the course is unplayable.
  3. The format is four ball better ball match play. Under World Handicapping System rules, matches are played off the difference between Playing Handicaps. For this format, a 90% Handicap Allowance is applied to the Course Handicap as the final step in calculating a player’s Playing Handicap.
  4. To enter the Winter League, or play as a substitute, members must have an active WHS handicap. Maximum competition handicap for men is 28; ladies and juniors 36. Members with a higher handicap may play but must play off the maximum handicap.
  5. Points awarded are 2 for a win, 1 for a halved match and 0 for a loss.
  6. Match results must be recorded on the sheet on the notice board outside the Men’s locker room by noon on the Monday following the match. Failure to do so will result in both teams being awarded 0 points for the match.
  7. Neither pair may claim any points from a match that is cancelled. If a match is cancelled, the Professional Shop must be notified by noon on the Monday following the scheduled match. Failure to do so will result in both teams being awarded 0 points for the match.
  8. League positions are determined by calculating the total points gained expressed as % of the total available from matches played.
  9. Substitutes are permitted. Only club members may be substitutes. In exceptional circumstances, a team may use two substitutes in a match if both players are unavailable. Where two substitutes are used in a match this should reported to the Professional Shop before the match is played. Only one match can be played at a time.
  10. During the last four weeks of the competition, all partnerships within the top 20 places must play at least two matches to qualify for a prize.
  11. All disputes to be resolved by the Captain’s Competition and Handicap Sub-Committee.
  12. Entry fee is £30 per pair and is payable in the pro shop BEFORE the start of the league. Members who have not paid the entry fee will be deemed to have forfeited any matches they play while the entry fee remains unpaid. The actual result of those matches will stand for their opponents.
  13. Winning pair are awarded the Dicky Richards Salvers (current champions Alan Martinez/Kevin MacDonald). Prizes to be awarded to 10th place.
  14. Men to play from the BLUE course and Ladies from the GREEN course.
  15. Ladies’ Playing Handicap is calculated taking into account slope rating for ladies’ green course and differences in course rating – details to be confirmed with WHS. In matches involving ladies, updated CONGU/WHS advice is that ALL players should use the ladies’ course stroke index to determine at which holes shots are taken.


News Item

TLGC Newsletter - August 2020

Club match v Rothley - Wed 26th August at TLGC


Thanks to all for supporting the club and participating in this match. It was played in good spirit and the Rothley captain was very complimentary about the course and the food provided. Thanks also to Simon M and Livu for staying late and looking after us so well.

A good win for the team (4-2) even if Duncan and myself were well beaten by a pair that played very well.

Thanks again


Club Captain2020

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