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Seniors Summer Open

Thursday 22nd June 2017


1st     Stan Smith & Anthony Hayward   Nuneaton                43 Points

2nd    Andy Allden & Gerald Brooks       Beedles Lake          42 Points

3rd     Graham Cross & Mick Graham    Kirby Muxloe           40 Points

4th     Graham Willett & John Seamer    Kedleston Park        39 Points (back 9)

5th      Derek Brooks & Leslie Cleverly    Broome Manor       39 Points (back 6)

Mens Invitation Day

Mens Invitation Day

Saturday 10th June 2017


1st Andy Rickett & A Hutchby                     44 Points

2nd Simon Allbright & D Waychorn              41 Points

3rd Jamie Nelson & A Edwards                   40 Points (back 6)

4th John Keller & B Morgan                         40 Points (back 9)

5th David O’Brien & R Mason                      40 Points (back 9)

Ladies Summer Open 07/06/2017 RESULTS


Kathy Hunt, The Leicestershire G C
Jo Corlett, Glen Gorse G C
Julie Holley, Kibworth G C
P Marshall                                                                                           75 Points (countback)



Anita Robinson, Humberstone Heights G C
Wendy Castle, Cosby G C
Lisa Harney, Scraptoft G C
Lorraine Charles                                                                                               75 points            



Helen Hope, The Leicestershire G C
Polly Sellicks, Luffenham Heath G C
Lucinda Sellicks, Luffenham Heath G C
Helen Stainforth, Luffenham Heath G C                                             70 Points



Liz Lester, Radcliffe on Trent G C
Julie Savage, Radcliffe on Trent G C
Jean Mildren, Radcliffe on Trent G C
Glynis Armstrong, Radcliffe on Trent G C                                             68 Points



Jane Bevan, Charnwood Forest G C
Lynn Cassidy, Charnwood Forest G C
Deborah Allen, Charnwood Forest G C
Tina Small, Charnwood Forest G C                                                       67 points


NTP 17th Hole (silver)
Jean Mildren, Radcliffe on Trent G C

NTP 12th Hole (bronze)
Mandy Horsley, Park Hill G C

Club team at Brocton Hall for the Millennium Cup

The Millennium Bowl is played annually between teams from 5 counties :- Kedlestone Park GC (Derbyshire), The Leicestershire GC , Northants County GC, (Northamptonshire), Brocton Hall GC (Staffordshire) and Stratford-on-Avon GC (Warwickshire). Brocton Hall is a beautiful Harry Vardon design, well maintained parkland course, with very interesting holes and, like us, no par 5's! Teams of 12 are made up of 2 Ladies and Men from different handicap levels. Defending champions Brocton Hall used home advantage to retain the Cup and are now the first club to have won in 3 successive years!

The TLGC team was made up of from l-r :- Simon Bridgwater, Bhiku Hindocha, Mark Simons, Steve Lock, Francis Lobo (Captain), Graham Warwick, Barry Davies, Barry Hall, Gillian Gravett (Lady Captain), Simon Gravett, Mary Jarvis and Kanti Patel.

Club Championship - Sunday 30th July 2017.

Oak Tree Trencher Results






1st        G Wayman, R Wayman, K Robinson, S Barkshire        80 Points

Each player receives £30 credit

2nd       M Sharpe, M Castleman, J Flint, P Teasdale                 79 Points

Each player receives £18 credit

3rd        L Woodcock, S Pollard, H Bull, D Saul                           78 Points

Each player receives £12 credit


J Petha, R Morrison, M Birkenshaw, J Birkenshaw        76 Points

N Spikings, M Burrill, M Wheelwright, B Marlow             74 Points

G Rudkin, T Farmer, T Kidger, D Norwood                     73 Points

N Scotchbrook, P Donaghy, S Esterbrook, S Gravett     72 Points

C Morley, P Burdett, R Orme, I Bliss                               70 Points

M Scarrett, M Northover, S Allbright, J Mawer                70 Points

G Smith, I Hedley, J Reading, D Burns                           68 Points

J Clarke, E Hargrave, B Hall, B Allen                              68 Points

F Lobo, D Popat, R Pattni, P Magdani                            67 Points

D Wall, B Davies, A Makani, M Jelley                              67 Points

P Fowler, J Muir, R Smith, N Dryden                               65 Points

M Asra, B Disler, P Freeston, S Wells                             64 Points

T Green, P Sell, R Power, M Newey                               63 Points

W Ridgway, J Nelson, G Daley, S Giblin                         63 Points

J Keller, A Rickett, N Mason, I Dunk                                62 Points

B Crump, B Dalal, P Nuttall, D Jones                              62 Points

R Mason, R Field, M Stevenson, D Coulson                   61 Points



G Wayman, S Barkshire, S Pollard, J Reading, R Smith, S Giblin,

Each player receives £11.50 credit per two

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