Course Report - March

Course Manager’s Report – March 2020 – Chris Lewis

Just when the sun finally decides to shine again, we are then hit with a pandemic! The Coronavirus!

The golf club sadly but rightly had to close its doors to its members for the safety of all and of course because of the government lock down announcement on Monday 23rd March.

Update on fairway renovation work:- Over the last few months due to the amounts of rainfall and relatively mild temperatures there has been a significant grass growth recovery to most of the drought affected fairways. 

Scarification of fairways and hollow coring as well as verti draining have been completed which leaves us with the job of seeding the fairways and topdressing. 

We have now taken delivery of the seeder so this work will be carried out in the next few days concentrating in particular to the tops of the ridges on fairways.

Although there has been significant grass growth recovery to the fairways there are still some really thin areas where there is no existing grass. These areas will be top dressed which will help markedly. 

An application of a wetting agent will be applied to the tops of ridges to help keep moisture retention and so help germination of the grass seed.

Greens:- The greens Spring maintenance has nearly been completed with just the top dressing of sand and brushing in remaining which will be started on Monday 30th March . Prior to this an application of fungicide will be applied to the greens to protect the turf from any turf diseases.

Deep Spiking to a depth of 8 inches to the greens has been completed as well as scarification and verti cutting to the turf surfaces to reduce thatch build up and to encourage root development.

To complete the work a Spring granular fertiliser will be applied to all the greens at a relatively low rate to keep the greens healthy but without a flush of growth. Basically like the rest of us! put the greens in lock down but keep them healthy.

Routine Golf Course Maintenance:-  Finally the course has dried up enough this week to enable the green staff to cut all fairways, tees and approaches , tee banks and bunker banks as well as all of the semi rough and will be maintained from now on to a good standard for its members for when they return to play , albeit with a reduced greens staff. Rest assured your course is in good hands.

Trees:-  All the piles of brash around the course have now been cleared away. There are still some wind damaged trees that need to be tidied away but we are holding back on any contractual work expense for now to protect the club’s finances during these uncertain times.

Golf Course Furniture:-  All flag sticks, tee markers, benches, ropes, stakes and hoops, and tee mats have been removed from the course to keep them safe

To conclude, I would just like to say that I hope you and your families stay in the best of health and to be rest assured the greens staff are looking after your course and look forward to your return.

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