Course Reports

Course Managers report , August 2020


Greens - The greens have been verti cut on a weekly basis and recently top dressed after sourcing an alternative sand compatible with the greens root zone. Hopefully within the next few weeks the original sand spec used will be available once the new quarry is up and running .

As you have seen we are carrying out greens maintenance in the form of double scarification to each green followed by pencil tining and hopefully weather permitting topdressing of the greens will be carried out afterwards.

Regular verti cutting, aeration and topdressing of the greens and hopefully another double scarification will be carried out before temperatures dip towards the end of the season .

Bunkers - Extensive work was carried out to the bunkers in preparation for the club championships in the form of redistribution of the sand to ensure an even depth throughout the bases.

Tees / Fairways - Regular divoting of par 3 tees and fairways has been carried out this season thanks to the volunteer groups and has made a marked improvement to their appearance. It would be prudent if the worst affected fairways that are prone to drying out causing the lack of grass cover to the tops of ridges ie - 2nd, 5th, 6th and 10th be scarified, hollow tined , over seeded and top dressed again towards the end of this season whilst soil temperatures are suitable for seed germination.

Irrigation - The irrigation control board that operates the pumps is in need of replacement. The cost of this has been passed on to the clubs general manager for his approval to go ahead. The system is currently only running on one of the two pumps and is slightly down on pressure as a consequence.

Trees - Plans are being discussed for work which could be carried out during the autumn and winter, further details will follow and members updated in the very near future. However the Willow trees to the left of the 6th brook crossing and partly over the public footpath are of a concern, further inspections will take place in the very near future and members will be informed of the recommended action.

Tree planting - To avoid having an internal out of bounds between the 9th and 10th holes the planting of a group of pines to the right of the 9th back tee was discussed and agreed.

Hedges- Boundary - internal hedges around the course were unable to be cut last year due to the extremely wet ground conditions. These are planned in to be cut in early September this year as well as further tidying of the hedge to the right of the practice range.

Weed control - Due to the Covid 19 lockdown certain jobs could not be completed one of which was to spray a selective herbicide to fairways and as a consequence there are more broadleaf weeds evident ie Plantains, this will be addressed.

Pathways - The approach to the 10 tee path has become a problem with no grass cover and exposed roots from adjacent trees. To improve this area it may be prudent to remove some of the trees and repair the area, again this to be discussed as part of the winter programme. 

It has been discussed in the past about creating a new path to the right of the 17th green which currently turns to a muddy / slippery surface during winter months. All pathways will be topped up with the Red pave material currently used in due course.

Bridge Repairs - The 11th left hand bridge has been closed off due to a broken section of timber . A replacement piece was unable to be sourced at the time as the timber merchants we use did not have stock . The repair to the bridge will be done shortly. A repair needs to be made to the bridge leading to the 13th hole. The brook bank supporting the RSJ’s has slightly subsided. The will be addressed during winter months

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