Custom Club Fitting


At Performance Golf Leicester we custom fit 5 of golf's major brands: Ping, Callaway, Titleist, Mizuno & TaylorMade. 

By offering 5 of the best brands, we guarentee we will custom fit the perfect golf club/s for you.  

We use a Flightscope launch monitor in all fittings, except for putters when a Tomi Pro putter system is used.   




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Q. Where does the fitting take place?

A. All our custom fitting takes place in our state of the art studio. This enables you to see the balls flight on the driving range - you will not hit into a net. 


Q. Do you use computer technology?

A. Yes, most definitely. We use Flightscope technology in all fittings to track the golf ball except putter fittings when Tomi Pro is used. This enables us to monitor all the potential benefits to your game.


Q. Who does the fitting?

A. All our custom fittings are carried out by PGA qualified golf professionals.


Q. Will custom fitted golf clubs cost me more?

A. No, is the simple answer. Custom fitted golf clubs cost exactly the same as a stock set off the rack. Over the years, you may find you spend less money on golf clubs as you won't be looking to exchange so frequently knowing full well you have the best for your game. 


Q. Do I have to pay for a custom fitting?

A. We don't charge for a custom fitting. We would like to think that our time and expertise is valued by our customers.


Q. Do you custom fit left handed golfers?

A. Yes, we have left handed options for custom fitting. Please check availability before booking if there is a specific club you're looking to try. 


Q. Do you custom fit lady golfers? 

A. Yes, we have ladies options for custom fitting. 


Q. Will golfers of all abilities benefit?

A. Absolutely. From novices to professionals all golfers would benefit from being custom fitted by us. 


Q. How do I book a fitting?

A. Please contact the professional shop on 0116 2738825 option 3 or email