Practice Range Safety

As part of our ongoing health & safety measures we continually record incidents to determine any patterns so that steps can be taken to reduce the potential for one of severity. Unfortunately, over recent weeks there has been a significant increase in the number of golf balls that have landed in the properties to the right of the Practice Range, on occasion causing damage to property and raising concern over the potential consequences.

In order to keep the Practice Range open for members while long term solutions are considered, the General Committee, following guidance from the Risk and Compliance Committee, has resolved to implement restrictions and additions to the safety equipment in order to mitigate, to a reasonable level, these occurrences.

With immediate effect, a revised usage policy for the range has been introduced. Many points are typical for the use of any Practice Range facility and the points highlighted are intended to ensure as many golf balls as possible stay within the range area and are as follows:

•    It is the golfer’s responsibility to not hit a shot when another person may be at risk of being struck

•    Hitting of Drivers is not permitted by those able to fly the golf ball beyond the white marker which is a distance of approximately 160 yards. Hitting of other clubs which fly beyond the white marker is still permitted

•    If you hit a golf ball and it flies over the boundary hedge to the right of the range, you must report this to the Pro shop or Club office.

•    If you hit a ball that flies towards the fairway of the first hole you must shout ‘Fore Left’

  • Only one person should be stood within a bay at any one time

•    Balls must only be hit from the designated mats

•    The golfer must be stood on the mat when hitting

•    No one must venture beyond the line of mats onto the grass area of the range

•    Swings, including practice swings and warm up exercises, must only be done within a bay

•    Mats, other range equipment and fixtures must not be moved

             Failure to follow the above would likely result in the range being closed indefinitely and so we ask all members to strictly follow the protocol and also advise others if they are not following the new rules correctly.

We recognise that this is will be frustrating however, this will keep the range open whilst the club determine the most suitable long-term solution.

Please also remember to follow the Covid Secure Procedures at all times.

We appreciate and thank you for your ongoing co-operation.

Kind regards

Simon Collingwood and Pete Livie