The Leicestershire Win the First Division County Scratch Team League

The Leicestershire Win the First Division of the  County Scratch Team League

By winning the final match of the season 5½ - 2½  at Cosby on Thursday 18 August our team secured the Leicestershire & Rutland Golf Union first division title. The match was a ‘winner takes all’ contest. If Cosby won, or the match was halved, they would be champions. If we won, we would take the title. 

Cosby are a very strong side, led by David Gibson, who has represented the County first team a record 280 times. They have won the first division of the Scratch Team League in each of the last two years. 

We are also a very strong side, led by Team Captain, Phil Thomason who is no stranger to representative honours, having played for the County first team 85 times.  

Keenly contested the match was played in a tremendous spirit with the respect and camaraderie shown between the players of both teams. They know each other well from playing at this very top level over the years. 

Congratulations those who played at Cosby (from left to right) Marc Palmer, Jevann Parmar, Mark Birkenshaw, Phil Thomason, Tom Sherwin, Lee Woodcock, Tony Lord and Riyaz Ahmed and to those who played in other matches this season, Richard Binnie, Rihdwan Ahmed, Tom Flavelle and Mark Scarrett.