Women in Golf Charter









These objectives will be embedded into the club business plan and reviewed on an annual basis, to ensure that this inclusive commitment remains robust.



Current Situation

How this will be achieved



Deliver a minimum number of three initiatives each year targeting women/girls and families that are aligned with key England Golf campaigns


Our club currently

Girls on Tour (GOT)

This was a county initiative to get women started in golf, in 2019 3 other golf courses got involved with us and we achieve group tasted sessions of golf to see if women enjoyed and wanted to take up the sport. We hosted activities and social events at the other golf course and the girls made some good friendships. There were around 20 ladies participated and 6 was part of TLGC. (practising at the golf course)

In 2020 it was only TLGC that took part in GOT and we had 2 groups taking part with 7/8 people in each, we started the session later in the year near September time. We kept some activities going for the GOT participates from 2019 and we gained 2 full members from this.


Previously supported Girls Golf Rocks (2018) (GGR) 19 girls turned up to the taster session with 10 taking up coaching sessions after.


3 women open events run throughout the year.

Ladies Summer open – Which is for any lady with 36 handicap limit and any age to participate we usual get around 80 participants.

Lady Vets Open – This is for ladies over 55 with any handicap our average number of participants would be around 90.

The Leicestershire Lady Fox - 36 holes scratch competition and we normal only get around 18 people playing.  



We aim to continue progress with Girls on Tour (GOT). The GOT sessions we would market these with word of month from previous participants as well as doing social media campaign which we will start in March.


We will be delivering Girls Golf Rocks in 2021


We will be supporting Women and Girls Golf week. We will aim to promote women and girls’ stories from our club.  


We currently have 3 opens booked in our diary for next year.




We would like to achieve at least 10 girls in 3 groups for Girls on Tour. We aim to start the GOT earlier in the season from the start of April.

We would like to gain at least 3 full time members from previous groups.  


We aim to register for Girls Golf Rocks as soon as the application process begins. We will have our Safegolf accreditation by this point. We aim to have at least 25 join us for the taster session and would like at least 15 join us for coaching after.


We will put a schedule together for women and girls golf week by April 2021 which will include free golf taster lessons, discount for women in the proshop and a free competition


We have 3 ladies opens booked in for 2021

  • Ladies Summer –10/06/2021
  • Lady Vets 8/9/2021
  • The Leicestershire Lady Fox 18/7/21

We will advertise these via social media and Email past participants (around 6 months prior open)

We hope to reach over 250 people via social media and aim to have at least 100 participants in the lady vets and summer open. We would like to have at least 26 participants in the Lady Fox.


Promote a membership pathway, for women/girls and families to progress within the club


Our club currently

We have several membership groups for women including full membership to 5-day membership the cost for this is from £1000. We have around 80 ladies in theses membership categories.

We also have a new to golf membership which is £250 however this does not allow access to the golf course, just for lessons and practice facilities currently this category has 15 members.  We have around 18 ladies who participated in GOT who are currently not a member as they do not want to take the big leap to a full member or 5-day member.  


We are looking at membership categories and will introduce a new pathway membership which is a steppingstone from new to golf membership to full membership

With this membership it will give golfers access to the golf course at off peak times and will not be as costly as a full membership.

We feel a off peak membership will benefit someone who is just joining golf as be less pressure on the golf course as there will not be many golfers on the course.

1st May 2021 (Start of New Subscription Year)

We are hoping to get this new membership in place before the new subscription year by doing this we will encourage the new to golf members to stay in the game and develop their membership.

We would aim to have at least 10 of the GOT members join up to this membership and hopefully around 8 of the new to golf members.

By the end of 2021 we would like to have at least 25 members in this category.


Adopt an inclusive approach with female and family imagery displayed throughout the clubhouse, website, and social media platforms

Our club currently

Update our social media platforms every few weeks with golf club events.

Have poster around the clubhouse with upcoming events.





Posting on social media more frequently regarding Ladies events – Girls on Tour, GGR, Opens, membership options


Update our website every month and build a new website in 12 months. Have ladies’ specific pages and offers listed clearly.

Get images when lady events are happing and schedule posts on social media.

Have photo images on posters instead of clipart.

By Dec 2021 we aim to have a new website to launch, with images of current members and be more neutral with regards to gender.


To become a Safe Golf accredited club and ensure policies and procedures remain up to date


a. Adopted the required club policies

b. Appointed a Club Welfare Officer
c. DBS checks are obtained for relevant club personnel
d. Club staff and volunteers have obtained any required qualifications
e. PGA Professional(s) are included on PGA Safe Golf Coaches Register

The management team at the club has approved all the policies and procedures.

All documentation is up to date on the England Golf portal and notify our local England Golf Club Support Officer. We expect to complete by 1st March 2021

Our annual review date is a year on from our official sign off.

Keep a register of when the key policies and documentation needs to be updated and when key members of staff and volunteers need to undertake relevant training


Appoint a designated Charter Champion within the club who can assist with the promotion and reporting of the charter


To capture and record a baseline of all the key measures we are committing to within the charter including membership data for our club to determine the impact of the charter

Formally share progress and updates/changes to the charter with England Golf moving forward

To provide annual measures to help determine the impact of the charter

To appoint a charter champion utilising the role description provided. The champion will be responsible for the promotion, activation and reporting on the progress of the charter.

The club will formally display the charter commitments internally and externally – noticeboards, website, social media, membership packs and utilise the England Golf press release

The charter Champion to provide England Golf with an annual report on progress on commitments made