The purpose of the principles contained in this document is to provide guidelines which, beyond the necessary respect for the Club’s Articles and Rules, lead to the achievement of our Vision:
“The Leicestershire Golf Club aspires to be recognised as the best in the region, providing an inviting and enjoyable experience by ensuring that our course, facilities and service are of the highest quality.”
The Club members play an essential role in this journey and when joining the club, members are accepting in their shared responsibility to actively and positively contribute towards the betterment of our club by:

• Acknowledging our heritage whilst embracing the future.
• Create and sustain a warm and friendly environment and culture for our members, future members, their families and guests.
• Treat all our employees fairly and with respect.
• Acknowledge decisions will be made in the interest of the club rather than the individual.
• Providing a safe environment for all and maintain the highest standards of etiquette. Where members take responsibility for the repairing of pitchmarks, replacing of divots, raking of bunkers and speed of play, in order to keep the course in the peak of condition.

Principles and Practices
• The Club and Members will embrace all categories of membership. It is expected that Members, Employees, Families and our Guests will work together to achieve an exceptional golf and social environment for everyone. We have in place, procedures to safeguard anyone who feels they have been treated unfairly and full support from the club and our team will be provided.
• Membership applicants must agree to behave in compliance with the Club Rules and in accordance with the Clubs accepted standards of behaviour. When involved in a genuine dispute, both the parties to the dispute and those deciding the matter will use the established procedures taking matters to the General Manager to achieve a resolution.
• Members, Employees, Families and our Guests will behave with courtesy and respect for one another. Exceptions to this behaviour, for example using foul or abusive language, intimidation, aggression, or showing a lack of respect for others and their property, will not be tolerated and may result in suspension and/or expulsion from the Club.
• As stated in the Club’s dress code, Golfers will wear smart golf attire and appropriate golf shoes on the Course. When in the Clubhouse smart, clean tidy attire should be worn.
• The Club and Staff will strive to provide a family friendly atmosphere at the Club.
• The General Manager or delegate is responsible for investigating any breaches of this Charter as defined within the published Club disciplinary regulations.

In signing this charter and becoming a member, I understand my responsibility to support the vision and ethos of The Leicestershire Golf Club by upholding the principles of this Member’s Charter.

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